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Voedselpark Amsterdam

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What is our dream?

Food Park Amsterdam can become one of the largest urban agricultural parks in Europe. The 42 hectares of organic clay can provide work for dozens of urban farmers and green entrepreneurs. The land will feed thousands of families in the city. It will become a knowledge centre for high-quality organic urban agriculture. Moreover, it will be a place where everyone can relax on a blanket, stroll around, garden, harvest and learn. With a beautiful landscape of flowers, trees and native shrubs, this green area will provide a habitat for countless insects, birds and other creatures. It will be a vibrant, biodiverse park that can absorb heavy rainstorms in the future.

The location for this dream? The Lutkemeerpolder in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, which is currently still undeveloped. And what is the municipality’s plan for this land? A distribution centre full of huge building boxes. Which do you think is better for the city and for our future?

Why we must buy land together now.

This is our chance to preserve a green piece of Amsterdam for future generations. To create a place where urban farmers grow food for us on the most fertile ground in the city. A place where everyone can enjoy and learn from nature. Where knowledge about agriculture, sustainability and biodiversity can be gained and shared. And where we will work towards a truly green and sustainable economy.

The City of Amsterdam wants to turn the Lutkemeerpolder into a distribution centre. Instead, we are going for Voedselpark Amsterdam. Together we will buy up the land for all future generations!

What's the big rush?

The situation with the climate crisis and the collapse of biodiversity is dire. It is crystal clear that instead of building distribution centres to facilitate the ‘delivery economy’ we must green the areas around our cities. We must say goodbye to growth and deprioritise corporate interests. We must downsize, and put people, animals and nature first.

This is the situation

The Lutkemeerpolder, where Voedselpark Amsterdam will be located, is currently not for sale. The land is owned by the City of Amsterdam in a complicated private limited company structure. However, the municipality can decide to change the current course. We are in talks with land acquisition funds for the additional €3 million needed to buy the polder.
Together we can raise €1 million. And together we will create Voedselpark Amsterdam! By raising €1 million, we can show the politicians in Amsterdam that this is the future we want: fertile and green.

Contribute to this beautiful plan

The Lutkemeerpolder in Amsterdam Nieuw-West was originally an agricultural area. Fertile soil, a traditional pattern of plots, and an expansive view. Yet the municipality of Amsterdam is keen to have project developers build distribution centres here. Unrelenting campaigners have so far managed to prevent this from happening. We now need all the help we can get from Amsterdammers to show the city council and politicians that we want a different approach. The Lutkemeerpolder must become the an area for food production for the city: the Voedselpark of Amsterdam. Because the future has to be green!

What happens with your donation?

Your donation will go to the bank account of Stichting Grond van Bestaan. This foundation has ANBI status and will manage the money until the land can be purchased. Stichting Grond van Bestaan will manage the donations for the purchase of the Lutkemeerpolder until 31 December 2022. If the municipality of Amsterdam has not indicated by 31 December 2022, that the polder can be bought, you will get your money back, minus the negative interest (estimated at 2%, sorry!). If the municipality has indicated by 31 December 2022 that it wishes to sell the property in order to create Voedselpark Amsterdam, we will keep your donation until the time of purchase. If the land purchase still does not go through for any reason, you will get your money back (minus the negative interest).

Yes! I'm in

Our plan is to buy the Lutkemeerpolder and create Voedselpark Amsterdam together

We want to convince the municipality that there are enough people willing to co-finance this fantastic plan. There are two ways to do this:

1. By making a donation now

-> your donation will be refunded by 31 December 2022 at the latest if the plan is not successful.


2. By making a pledge

-> your pledge will be cashed in no later than 31 December 2022 if the plan will happen.



your donation will be refunded by 31 December 2022 at the latest if the plan is not successful.

make a pledge

your pledge will be cashed in no later than 31 December 2022 if the plan will happen.

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